I love reading quotes from Edutopia and when this quote came to me through Facebook, I read it to myself.  As I was reading it, it seemed very familiar.  When I saw MY name for the quote, it all came together.  It was my quote!  At first, I thought it wasn’t real.  That it had to be a Facebook trick of some kind.  But there it was.  It was real.

A day later, I am trying to figure out why this meant so much to me.  Is it because I admire Edutopia as an amazing educational resource?  Is it because I felt heard and understood and acknowledged?  Is it because my quote was the inspiration for dialogue?  Was it the totally unexpected element to this post?  Is it a reminder to myself, like a mirror, that I am on the right path of trying something new?  Whatever it was or is, this posting of my quote for all to see in the education world made me so happy and grateful.  Thank you, Edutopia, for this reminder and for all you do to inspire educators everywhere!

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